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Analytics Configuration & Audit

Poor quality data undermines all other aspects of the analytics lifecycle. Any changes to your website have the potential to affect the web analytics data collected.

There are such huge number of components that influence your Google Analytics data, it is unavoidable that after some time data quality will weaken and with it the reliability of the reports and analysis produced. Also, as the information quality falls so does the validity of decisions dependent on it.

A Google Analytics Audit, is an in-depth review of your Google Analytics configuration and website tagging that will answer the following questions:

1. Is your data reliable enough to base decisions on?

2. What needs to be done to solve any issues?

3. What changes are to be made in order to bring the configuration in line with best practice?

4. What scope is there to improve the website tracking?

An audit will review all your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager configuration and verify that all the tagged website interactions are being correctly tracked.

Where this is not the case it will recommend the action needed to fix these issues.

We are passionate about Analytics configuration and Audit, but we are also passionate about our clients and propelling a complicated and often outlandish system upon them is certainly not the way to get the most out of this insightful information. We deal with all the complications and pass on the results to you in a simple and clear manner, enabling you to digest the information rather than get swamped by it. Some of the features that we find useful within analytics are:

  • Custom filters
  • Goals
  • Automated tasks
  • Custom reports
  • Advanced segments
  • Event tracking
  • Visitor flow
  • Funnel Visualisation
  • Reverse goal paths
  • Assisted conversions
  • Real time analytics
  • In-page analytics and many more.

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