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Website Migration Services in Melbourne

Launching another site can be a startling suggestion.

Regardless of whether you're moving from HTTP to HTTPS, evolving CMS, rebranding, refreshing your entire site for a mobile-first strategy, or you're experiencing a merger or securing, one thing is without a doubt:

A website migration is a critical time for any business.

Indeed, even with the world's best web advancement group, a fumbled site movement can have a severe impact on organic search performance. After all, the last thing you want to see upon your swanky new website launch is a drop off in traffic because your web developers missed out the technical stuff.

Migration: It’s not as simple as just redirecting everything

Retiring old content

Sometimes when you migrate site the main impulse is to separate old substance. However, sometimes the biggest drivers of traffic can be those old pieces that rank well for user’s search queries. Though the content might be old, we need to think how would you cater for those topics, markets or products?

On the off chance the search inquiries that are identified with that content are never again significant, at that point the traffic plunge probably won't cost excessively. If you've essentially disregarded this, at that point the outcomes can be agonizing. We can help with advising which substance ought to be kept, which ought to be refreshed, and which ought not be moved crosswise over – based on the behavior of your users.

An opportunity to advance site structure

Frequently in our website optimization reviews we remark on the webpage structure. Although a high need activity, we frequently expect the site structure to continue as before for various months because of the procedure engaged with evolving it. What we search for is important association of the URLs and connections between pages that dictate hierarchy. Anyway, it implies new URL structures and redirect mapping that must be attempted with the highest attention to detail.

That is the reason it normally just happens during a web migration, because of the consideration, time and felt that goes into it. However, it can be one of the most beneficial opportunities to seize and to reap the rewards afterwards.

Redirecting your old site to new

When you have new URL structures it is so imperative to divert EVERYTHING. We will furnish the divert mapping record with every old url to the new url equal or best option. Just as guaranteeing all current sidetracks go directly to the last goal to maintain a strategic distance from redirect chains.


Has the site been totally crawled, and a snapshot of search visibility taken? If not, you'll battle to break down post-relocation execution. If a traffic plunge happens, which keywords and product categories are influenced? Getting ready accurately helps diagnose issues later.

Migrating to HTTPS

We have moved our customers to HTTPS on many occasions, we could do it with our eyes shut. We will consistently prescribe secure facilitating as it is a publicly proclaimed ranking factor. In any case, it can include such many steps that you haven't thought of:

  • Buying the SSL endorsement
  • Refreshing connections, references and resources
  • Updating sitemaps
  • Updating robots.txt
  • Adding the Search Console property

Because we are a full-service agency, we can also offer our retained hosting management service, so that if anything goes on, you know it will always be taken care of quickly.

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