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Did you know?

Seventy-five percent of all websites suffer a drop in traffic after a website migration.

Moving a website might be challenging. Not only because of their labor-intensive nature, but also due to the threats they represent to your data and SEO.

Our team of web development experts specialises in SEO-friendly website migrations, preserving your website's organic visibility and rankings throughout the process. We provide comprehensive migration services, including:

  • Transferring websites to new hosting and platforms
  • SEO, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager Migrations
  • Domain name alterations

SupersonicIT is a team of digital marketing, web development, Google Analytics, paid advertising, and usability experts that advocate for the integration of diverse digital efforts. We believe that for website migrations to be successful, each of these disciplines must work in tandem. Every employee at SupersonicIT is certified in both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, and their qualifications are updated yearly. In addition, we have a team of seasoned website developers that are well-versed in a variety of technologies and platforms, ensuring that we can give expertise and bespoke solutions for your specific setup.

Significant jobs, our staff has completed hundreds of website transfers successfully. Let us handle the labor-intensive components of your impending website migration to alleviate your anxiety and move your site fast and effectively.

Migrating to HTTPS

We having migrated our clients to HTTPS on several times, we could do it with our eyes shut. We will always recommend secure facilitation since it is a publicly acknowledged ranking criteria. In any case, it may comprise such numerous processes that you haven't thought of:

Purchasing the SSL certification
Renewing connections, references, and resources
Updating sitemaps
Updating robots.txt
Adding the Property Search Console

Because we are a full-service firm, we also provide a retained hosting management service, so you can rest certain that if anything goes wrong, it will be resolved immediately.

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