COVID-19 - Supersonic IT Solutions

Dear clients, friends, peers and colleagues

We never expected 2020 to start like this. And here we are 3 months down and we ‘ALL’ are experiencing a crisis which is impacting our friends, family and colleagues directly or indirectly.

Supersonic IT Solutions is dealing with COVID-19 crisis like many of our business associates, with thoughtful and well-planned approach. We have crisis strategies in place for this reason only and we have already executed the plans with our calm and methodical approach that has helped us to avoid any delay to client’s projects.

Thanks to the strategy our team has put together for Supersonic IT Solutions, to enable us to provide our clients with the exceptional level of services. At this time of uncertainty, we continue to bring the same passion to deal with out client engagements. We remain nimble and flexible, continue to adjust our approach according to our client’s needs as they face their own set of challenges at this time of crisis. Our team is working from home and we are trying our best to doing online meetings as much as we can, we are happy to come to you if need be.

In this difficult time and on behalf of Supersonic IT Solutions team, please be aware that our thoughts and hearts are with those who have been affected, hang in there we WILL get out of this very soon. In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, it is great to see the whole community coming together, businesses supporting each other, government offering assistance and we are getting strong each day.

For more than 12 years, Supersonic IT Solutions has served clients through good time and tough times as well and we are grateful for your continued trust and partnership. Stay safe, Stay home, we will be out of this crisis soon.

Gratitude and Regards Always!

Rajat Aneja
Technical Head
Supersonic IT Solutions