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PPC Audit

PPC audit’s is the quickest way to get your products or services seen by relevant customers

A PPC account is a complex setup with so many different factors that can be altered to cut down wasted spend, increase CTR’s, improve quality score and in turn deliver better results for your business. Often there is something that can be improved. The common mistakes that we find are wrong match types, poor use of negatives, poor quality ad copy, incorrect landing page usage and overspending on the display network through poorly targeted placements.

Why Choose Supersonic IT Solutions for your PPC Audit?

Often clients come to us because something isn’t working well. Although pay-per-click is not always the best solution, in most cases, there are issues that when addressed quickly turn things around. We follow a checklist of items designed to reveal how well an account is managed.

The items we examine during an audit are all important. We focus on keeping the cost of the individual clicks to a minimum and maximising conversion of those clicks to leads or sales. After reviewing your PPC campaigns we arrange a call to explain the findings. After the call we send you the report for your records.

Although expertly set up automation can help, PPC management is often a labor-intensive process. We will be able to find out quickly if corners are being cut, or, as is often the case, campaigns are set up for a low maintenance approach, rather than focused on ROI.

We also look at your Google analytics set up making sure all the PPC campaigns are being tracked correctly and goals are set up so you can determine how effective specific PPC campaigns are for your business.

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