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Through developing a strategic vision for online projects based on your goals and the needs of your audience, our digital marketing consultants can create multichannel, measurable strategies.

Content Marketing | Editorial Planning

While a content strategy will help you determine who your company’s target audience is and where, why and how to reach them, editorial planning guides the tactical execution of it. An editorial plan is particularly useful for your social media management and blog content. How can it help you?

Knowing what to post

The ‘What’ is the most important element of editorial planning. Not everyone is going to be interested in repeated posts about your products, at least not right away. In fact, the best way to attract new audiences is through content that resonates with them. An editorial plan will also advise on:

  • Themes
  • Topics

Knowing when to post

Depending on the nature of your product and services, your target audience will be most active on social media or your website at different times during the week. On top of that, there are plenty of opportunities to link your content to big events throughout the year. An editorial plan outlines the right topics for the right time. In terms of time elements within your plan (sometimes referred to as “content calendar”), it covers:

  • Post Frequency
  • Time
  • Events/Dates

Knowing how to pos

Your target audience behaves differently depending on platforms, channels and their devices. Planning out your editorial will focus on the “how” behind each individual post:

  • Channel/Platform (blog, Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Structure
  • Media (image, video, gif etc.)

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