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Google is everywhere these days. They’re making self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and they’re even in space. But one thing about Google that is constant is the source of their revenue: Advertising. Google Ads, their traditional advertising platform, has been very successful for both Google and their advertisers. Another resource to take advantage of is Google Shopping.Very recently, Google Shopping has become the biggest source for retailers’ click shares. So, it seems that when it comes to shopping, it has taken over the traditional Google search in terms of where those paid ads are getting their clicks.

Getting started on Google Shopping can seem a bit daunting, Supersonic IT Solutions can take that weight off your shoulders. We have a wealth of experience with all sorts of e-commerce clients, from building feeds and campaigns, elevating existing accounts to the next level, and everything in between.

To get started you’ll need:

  • Google Merchant Center account – Do this by going to the Google Merchant Center sign in page and registering with your email address.
  • Product feed – You’ll need to use an e-commerce CMS, such as Shopify or Magento.
  • Google Ads account

If you don’t have any of the above, don’t panic! We can help you create all of these and guide your first steps into Google Shopping.

Before we start any advertising, we ensure that your product feed is fully optimised to meet Google’s requirements. We’ll also work with you to devise strategies based on your business goals and priorities, then we can create advertising campaigns to start driving revenue.

As part of our Google Shopping Ads management, we offer specialist shopping feed optimisation and maintenance to help ensure your feed is performing at its best, so you place ads in front of potential customers.

Supersonic IT Solutions have been setting up and optimising shopping feeds for several years and can certainly help your business increase revenue and profit through this channel.

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