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Google Analytics & Web Conversion

The web is a consistently changing platform and your business needs to adjust to the environment. After some time, organisations have concentrated on just having a shop face on the web, this began to form into having more perfectly planned shop windows, and as the market turned out to be progressively competitive the attention was on driving much traffic to your site as could be expected. Right now, this isn't enough!

Do you know how many visitors your website gets every day? Or where they’re coming from? Or which device they’re using to access your site? And do you know which of your pages are the most popular or which social network is sending you the most amount of traffic?

These are some of the things that Google Analytics (GA) can show you and, once you have that information, you can use it to make your site even better. While there are many tools available that can help you get this information, since Google is the largest search engine on the internet and since most of your site’s traffic probably comes from Google, it’s an effective tool to track website traffic and get insights on your visitors’ behavior on your site.

Whether this is your first-time using Google Analytics or not, we’re going to start from the very beginning, from how to set it up on your website to how to extract numbers that drive action and help you improve your site. Get in contact to see if your data is correct with an analytics configuration audit or set up with Google Tag Manager.

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