5 Content Marketing Ideas for September 2022

5 Content Marketing Ideas for September 2022

Content is of the essence for any business. Whether it is informational, marketing or technical, content marketing ensures SEO and keyword optimization for better ranking and understandability. So, B2B or B2C, reaching a higher target base remains the strategy for any business, thus ensuring a higher growth percentage.

Content marketing is basically a digital marketing strategy that relies on the type of content and the channel where it’s going to be published. It includes Blogs, email marketing, digital PR, web-content, social media marketing and much more!

Benefits of Content Marketing strategy

While blogs, social media posts seem enough to reach millions, it’s not. Simply creating posts and expecting the social media algorithms to work their magic and make it viral, is not a logical form of marketing, you have to embed targeted keywords, attract readers and most importantly engage them to read the whole of your content. So, what are the benefits of having a content marketing strategy? Here you go:

  1. Maps out the content plan, implementation and expected results
  2. Content marketing guides the traffic towards the key pages.
  3. It improves brand awareness
  4. It builds a healthy relationship between your customers ad you.
  5. Creates customer loyalty

However, the looming question remains, what are the 5 Content Marketing Strategies to implement? Well, here you go:

1. Web Content Strategy

Web copy promises great outcome for your business as it helps in building relationships and influencing the customers. Through the copy you are focusing mainly towards answering their needs, their queries and most importantly you are answering that in an interactive and social manner.

2. Blog Content Strategy

SEO optimization and implementation can seem very technical, but in reality, its embedding keywords, into your content pieces. For example- iPhone 14 price, or pink dress. It’s that simple. So, what SEO does is that it targets main keywords in a way that your website and content piece are well aligned with what people are searching and thus leading to higher ranking on Google and search engines. So, while creating a content marketing strategy ensure SEO optimization and SEM.

3. Email Marketing Strategy

Do you know, approximately 376.4 billion email per day and the number is increasing every day! So, if you want to reach a wider public and create a market standing then email marketing should be on top of your list. Whether the content is promotional, informational or technical, all depends on your target base, but the idea remains to engage, the higher the engagement, the higher the chances of product getting sold.

4. Video Marketing Strategy

It is a proven content marketing strategy for brand promotion and engagement to create video marketing banners with interesting graphics and content that can engage the customer a bit more. Reportedly, more than 90% of the audience are much more captivated by video marketing than other traditional methods of PR. Emails would be of great advantage for video content marketing as CTRs increase by 200-330%.

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