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Remarketing campaigns allow us to show ads across display exchanges targeted specifically to users who have already visited your website.

What is Remarketing?

Rather than targeting new customers who are unfamiliar with a business, Remarketing is specifically designed for customers who have already visited or bought from their website. Remarketing is also known as retargeting – because it re-targets the original target. Supersonic IT Solutions manages the two main types of remarketing through Google AdWords and Facebook.

PPC remarketing through Google AdWords allows advertisers to remarket to past visitors through the Google Display Network using text, image or video adverts. We can also manage PPC remarketing campaigns on YouTube using video adverts.

Facebook remarketing works by advertising to previous visitors of the website on Facebook only. You can select from adverts in someone’s Facebook newsfeed, which is called a sponsored post, or in the sponsored column, which is known as a sponsored advert.

How is Remarketing beneficial to a business?

Remarketing is principally used to help ensure your business stays at the forefront of your customers’ minds. Foremost thing,

It is fair to assume that most internet users will browse numerous sites when seeking to buy a product or hire a service. After all, one of the most common pieces of consumer advice is to “shop around”; in fact, studies have shown that an average across all industries only 3% of customers will buy from a website the first time they visit. While you can just hope that a potential customer returns to your site to complete a lead sign up or purchase, this is less likely to be successful.

However, with remarketing ads, you can greatly increase the likelihood of a customer eventually returning to your site to make their purchase. Remarketing ads work to subtly remind the user of your company and help you convert their interest into a sale.

Supersonic IT Solutions have run several successful PPC remarketing campaigns for our clients on Google and Facebook, resulting in an immediate increase in conversions on their site.

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