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Pay Per Click for Start-Ups & New Businesses

Whether you’re starting up, currently running Pay Per Click or have previously run Pay Per Click. We offer a solution for any requirement.

If you have a website which you want to put in front of potential customers, then one of the most effective and instant routes to market where ROI can be controlled finitely is pay per click adverting (PPC). For many startups looking to get going with PPC, it can be a daunting experience with many costly and stressful pitfalls along the way. With so much data available and many other factors to consider when starting a PPC campaign it seems overwhelming.

PPC advertising can be a great investment to get startups off the ground in conjunction with other marketing campaigns. We are only too aware that if PPC is ignored all together, some startup companies are going to lose a huge chunk of their potential business.

PPC advertising, through Google, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn can be a particularly useful tool for start-ups. a business can create their marketing plan by looking at estimated search traffic for a niche in a certain geographical area and estimated average cost-per-click.

Armed with this information, the business could accurately estimate that with 10,000 searches a day, they could drive 100 visits to their website at a cost of $1 per click, costing them $100 in total. With a conversion rate of 2% they would average 2 new clients a day, generating revenue of roughly $1,000. This is clearly a no brainer.

We aren’t saying all businesses will work like the example above, but the advantage of PPC advertising to start-ups is that you only pay when someone has typed in a phrase that is very relevant to you.

PPC is a great tool for start-ups too because it will inevitably take time to start ranking near the top of the natural search engine rankings. Domain age is one of the factors included in search engine algorithms which can make speedy movement up the SERPS difficult for start-ups. Whilst it’s important not to silo PPC and SEO, we would usually recommend a higher initial PPC budget that is reduced as SEO performance increases and rankings start to improve.

If you are a start-up, in any industry, and could do with some advice on whether PPC would be beneficial to your business, then contact us. We understand that the budget is not always available, so let us analyse your business, the market and the potential of PPC and give you an open and honest appraisal about the potential for PPC advertising to make you money.

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