Multilingual PPC

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Multilingual PPC

Multilingual PPC management can help you to reach prospective customers and clients across the global market, even in unusual character sets or Semitic languages.

Want to talk to your international audiences in their own languages?

As a multilingual PPC agency, all our international work is completed in-house.

Our native speakers understand the language, cultural intricacies and tone of voice of the brands we work with. Using our expert knowledge of PPC, we work closely with our network of trusted partners and freelances to help you expand your PPC into international markets.

Successful Multilingual PPC

A successful multilingual PPC campaign requires careful consideration of:

  • Keywords used and their precise meaning in other languages
  • Ad copy quality, including cultural sensitivity where needed
  • Website landing page, requiring careful design and content provision
  • Keyword bid prices on different mobile and desktop platforms
  • Ad performance and appropriate website tracking code usage

Supersonic IT Solutions ensure multilingual PPC is made easy for our clients, it’s important the right terminology is used for keywords and ad copy, taking into consideration local nuances, which is where our local PPC experts and our network of trusted localisation partners can help. We then ensure that best practices are implemented in accounts for high quality scores and conversions.

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