Is Your Website Hacker Proof? Here are 5 tips and tricks to enhance Your Website Security

Is Your Website Hacker Proof? Here are 5 tips and tricks to enhance Your Website Security

Your website is the face of your business. So, if your website design is good, sophisticated, psychologically any customer would trust you, but if it’s skimpy and disoriented, the customers, or your clients would simply think, that your business isn't good enough for their needs. Similarly, your online presence is your brand’s USP and the focal point of contact between the potential clientele and your brand.

However, just like any customer can be attracted to a well-built website, hackers can too. So, from spam links to malware and virus, your website can be the next target for any hacker, so now ask yourself- is your website hacker proof?

To make website development and website security an easier topic to comprehend, here are 5 tips and tricks for cyber security and website security that can protect your business from being the next target:

1. Implementing a Secure Password

Do you know what’s the most common password in today's date, well as per a report 80% of people use their date of birth, pet’s name, or simply 123456 as their password. So, while securing your website with a password, always bear in mind to employ multiple random words with figures as well as special characters, so that it’s difficult for hackers to simply guess and import your data. Using a strong password will improve your website security and prevent cyber-attacks, thus securing your sensitive information amongst your business. However, there are variety of applications in the market that can provide you with a secure password for website security such as KeePass, LastPass, etc.

2. Employ a web-application firewall

Protect your website against cyber-attacks with the help of hardware or software-based firewalls that can analyze the traffic in and out as well as prevent hacking attempts. Cloud-based hardware's are gaining more popularity nowadays as they have a better encryption and promise more network security as well as cyber security against volatile attacks on your website. Network and Information security depends vice-versa over the web-application firewall.

3. Install SSL

SSL Certificate is like a stamp towards website being secure, tested for vulnerabilities and passing the same test with flying colors. In short it is the stamp of your website being secure and protected against cyber-attacks. The green icon presented in the corner of the URL of browser represented that those sites have activated SSL protocol, which protects their user’s information by shuttling the websites with its database. Due to an increase in your website security your customers will also appreciate your extra efforts as it would keep their data secure. SSL encryption is a must for cloud network security purposes.

4. Daily backups

Even a minute's work getting wasted due to data not being stored, saved, is like an extra stress load. Now imagine, days of work getting lost just because the data wasn’t backed up or saved, in short it is a stamp of failure for any website to not have daily backups. So, any failure in updating your systems would provide a wide opening for hackers- to make an impact on your website security, network security and information security. Thus, if you don’t have a backup plan, your business is at risk. The best way to making your website secure with backups is to employ hosting solutions that would take care of your data.

5. 2 factor authentication

Two factor authentication is something very common nowadays. For example, if you are logging into your Instagram or Facebook account from a different mobile, you would be sent a code on your phone number or your email to track where are you, who are you, and if it’s you, who is logging in. It’s like a safety net to save you from hackers, who can guess your password but can't have this code. Similarly, having 2 factor authentication on your website will enhance and improve website security and make your website hacker proof.

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