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Kauri Coast Pizzeria

Kauri Coast Pizzeria -Dargaville’s fancy ourselves as a REAL pizza joint, combining great atmosphere and mouth-watering eats. We make our hand-tossed dough at least twice a day, every day. We make our sauce daily from scratch and hand-cut all our fresh vegetables. Then we top it off with fresh, quality meats & cheeses and serve it up hot from the oven.

Business Challenges

  • Huge amount of commission paid to Delivery organisations, which is a big portion from the profit.
  • No control over the site as Delivery organisations owns it.
  • Have to go through Delivery organisation for all the changes which in many cases takes a long time.
  • No active marketing can be done as the online presence is on Delivery organisation.

Benefits with Customised web solution

Supersonic IT Solutions developed custom website for Kauri Coast Pizzeria which was totally customised to suit client’s needs. So no sharing of profits with any delivery company, which was a big bonus.
During COVID 19 pandemic, client needed the website to be compatible with ‘Only Delivery’ and then ‘Only Pick Up’ this option was developed to be inbuilt in the portal so that client can do these changes with just a click of a button.

Kauri Coast had full control over the site and got all the customisation done as per their requirements.
Orders getting printed in the store and SMS integrated for the Orders and pickups

Client can do the marketing as per their wish where ever they want to as they now had a great and customised online presence.

Technologies used

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